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President-Elect Candidate

Ken Pemble

Title/Affiliation:  Wildlife biologist, Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest

Education:  BS Wildlife Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. 2014

Prior WCTWS Officer Positions:  None

Other Involvements/Memberships:  Early career professionals working group

Interests:  Sitting next to a wet dog in a duck blind or following him through the grouse woods. And most importantly teaching my son and daughter how to set a tip-up. Professionally I work towards a diverse landscape on the Medford-Park Falls district of the National Forest. I’m interested in fire ecology, sharp tailed grouse management, wild turkey, forest raptors and pollinators.

Statement of Interest:  I’ve been a member of the Wisconsin chapter of the wildlife society since college. I’ve taken that time to see how the organization works and grow professionally. I’ve learned a lot from my mentors in the WCTWS, and now it is my time to give back.

Executive Board Candidates

Elise Couillard

Title/Affiliation:  Treasurer - Couillard Solar Foundation

Education:  MS Biological Sciences

Prior WCTWS Officer Positions:  None

Other Involvements/Memberships:  TWS MB (Manitoba) Chapter Secretary Jan 2017- Dec 2018

Interests:  Conservation, Wildlife, Ecosystem services

Statement of Interest:  I have enjoyed my time and experience with The Wildlife Society and have found it to be a valuable organization for networking and gaining hands-on experience. I was heavily involved in TWS as an officer for the Manitoba chapter of TWS. It was rewarding to organize events and workshops and connect students and young professionals with career wildlife biologists. I offer the unique perspective of how we adapt ourselves to industry changes meant to address climate change, and continue to work mindfully within conversation and wildlife arenas. I'd love to encourage more discussion of renewables and sustainability within our lens of working toward conservation, and see how the organization can move toward as sustainable practices and research as possible.

Jeremy Holtz

Title/Affiliation:  Regional Grant Program Manager, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Education:  B.S. Wildlife Biology, Colorado State University

Prior WCTWS Officer Positions:   President

Other Involvements/Memberships:  I am a Certified Wildlife Biologist who in addition to being a long time member of WCTWS is also a member of The Wildlife Society, the North Central Section of The Wildlife Society, and the Forestry and Wildlife Working Group. I am also one of the facilitators of our chapter's Facebook page which has doubled in followers since I first got involved with our chapter's primary social media account.

Interests:  My twenty year career has centered around the sound and responsible management of wildlife and its habitat. I have continued to be an active involved member of TWS and WCTWS because I believe professional development, certification, and professional affiliation are all extremely important to maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards.

Statement of Interest:  I offer a commitment to serve in a leadership capacity because I have served in other leadership roles, including President of the Wisconsin Chapter of The Wildlife Society, and I am confident that we can work together to continue the interest, engagement, and involvement of our members, and we can accomplish great things as a group. I have been involved with The Wildlife Society since attending Colorado State University, where I earned my B.S. in Wildlife Biology in 1998. I was elected to the position of President-elect of the Wisconsin Chapter of The Wildlife Society in 2017, during which time I also served on the program committee and chaired the plenary session subcommittee for the 2018 Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference hosted here in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I served as President of our state chapter in 2018, during which I worked to improve participation and involvement in our chapter and section. I also led a committee that assembled and put on our Fall Technical Training session that focused on our elk herd as well as other Northwoods wildlife species. During my time in that position, I also had the honor to serve in a leadership role in the North Central Section of TWS and the national TWS and have been thoroughly impressed with the dedication and professionalism with which they conduct our Society’s business. I feel that with my knowledge and experience, involvement on the WCTWS board would be a great opportunity to put my skills and interests to work for the good of my colleagues throughout Wisconsin and across the country.

Jenna Malinowski

Title/Affiliation:  Wildlife biologist, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Education:  BS Wildlife Ecology and Resource Management, Soil Science

Prior WCTWS Officer Positions:  Executive Board

Other Involvements/Memberships:  WCTWS Furbearer Committee chair, member of: Lifetime WTU, Lifetime WTA, DU, RMEF, RGS, WS, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Artemis, Northwoods Wildlife and Wetlands Club, Iron County Outdoor Recreation Enthusiasts, Fe University, MECCA Ski Club.

Interests:  Trapping, upland hunting, bow hunting, gun hunting only because I like venison, XC skiing, hiking/scouting, fishing on Superior, leading events, improving diversity, equality and inclusion amongst the associations I am a part of.

Statement of Interest:  As an active member of the WCTWS, I would like a greater opportunity to improve our relevancy and increase engagement. Over the next 2 years (and possibly thereafter at a greater capacity), I'd work to improve diversity, equality and inclusion within the society; I would like to get more organizations outside of state and federal agencies involved and increase membership across minorities. Lastly, I'd like to make an impact on our current committees and help them to create cohesiveness amongst their members by increasing communication and promoting action.

Mackenzie Turner

Title/Affiliation:  Research technician and NR educator- Wisconsin DNR

Education:  B.S. Biology - University of Wisconsin Eau Claire 2017

Prior WCTWS Officer Positions:  None

Other Involvements/Memberships:  WCTWS 2022 Winter Planning Committee-member, WI DNR Employee Engagement Team,-member, WI DNR LTE Advisory Committee-member

Interests:  My professional interests include DEIJ in conservation, outdoor accessibility for everyone, and citizen science management and recruitment. My leisurely interests are hiking, cooking, and reading.

Statement of Interest:  I became a member of the Wisconsin Chapter of The Wildlife Society shortly after starting my career with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. My interest in joining stemmed from a desire to connect with other folks in conservation that weren’t necessarily from the WI DNR. This past fall I volunteered to join the 2022 Winter Meeting planning committee to meet some new folks and get a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes with WCTWS. It has been a great experience working with the rest of the planning committee and I realized I would like to play a bigger part at WCTWS. I’d like to be a representative on the WCTWS board because I’d like to play a key role in organizing events, involving others, and promoting the WCTWS mission. Specifically, I have a strong interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as advocacy for younger wildlife professionals. I would like to use my interests to inspire others throughout the WCTWS membership, while serving the needs of the chapter.

Secretary Candidate

Jennifer Merems

Title/Affiliation:  Ph.D. Candidate, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Education:  M.S. - Wildlife Ecology (University of Idaho) , B.S. - Natural Resources (University of Arizona)

Prior WCTWS Officer Positions:  None

Other Involvements/Memberships:  TWS member (2014 - present) TWS Early Career Professional Secretary (2020 - present) WCTWS member (2018 - present) WCTWS Diversity Co-chair (2021 - present)

Interests:  Professional interests: predator-prey interactions, ungulate nutrition, animal behavior, teaching and science communication. Personal interests: Hiking, camping, wildlife photography, baking, canning, fermenting, reading, and anything art related.

Statement of Interest:  Since arriving in Wisconsin in 2018 to begin my PhD, I have felt an overwhelming sense of welcome within WCTWS. After working closely with individuals during the planning of the 2020 plenary "Stronger Together" I realized how important it was to do my part and be involved with the professional community. Since then, I have taken an active effort to get involved and help create initiatives that I believe will create a better, more inclusive environment for wildlife professionals. For example, in 2021 I volunteered to co-chair the diversity committee and act as a diversity liaison between WCTWS and TWS as well participate in the DEIJ Community of Practice for Wisconsin Conservation. I also use my position as the Early Career Professional Secretary, where I am involved in small ways across a variety of fellow working groups, to help relay information across the national and state chapter and implement initiatives like our new Local Wildlife Vocalizations! Currently, I am on the 2022 winter meeting planning committee as well as working with my diversity co-chair to plan a diversity panel session. I would love to be apart of the WCTWS board, as either secretary or a board member, and continue to volunteer my time to give back to the wildlife profession.

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